Self taught oil painter. Fulltime artist. Teacher. Volunteer. Public speaker. Skydiver.
Lifter of weights. Fast driver.



Michael Bellotti had always been interested in art, and it wasn’t until 2004 that he first picked up a drawing pencil. From that moment on, he was consumed with a passion for art, and his talent swiftly propelled him towards his future. Instead of letting those years slip away, Michael took full advantage of the time he was given and developed a talent that had remained dormant for far too long. He quickly moved from pencil drawings to oil paintings in less than a year and the progress that he was making made his desire to create simply insatiable.

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Brushed is a “no experience needed” private painting class where an artist will instruct you step-by-step through re-creating the featured painting. These are strictly bring your own beverage private events. Out on the town drinks and food will be available for purchase from the location hosting the event unless otherwise stated. At the end of the event you’ll leave with a work of art that you created. This is a perfect place to listen to good music, meet new people, and have fun painting!


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The Adam Carter Foundation was formed as an opportunity to recognize the warrior within all of us, and to honor warriors of another kind. When times are good, it is easy to be strong. But, when darkness falls after a scary diagnosis is given, and when the highest stakes are in the balance, fear and terror of the heart arrive. The opponent is the disease, and the warriors are everyone else; especially the patient. This happened to the Carter Family, and even after everything was attempted, their son Adam lost the battle. But, it is how he fought, and how everyone else did too, that inspired our origin and our work. We cannot return Adam to his family, but we can share with everyone who he was, and who he still is. Because of Adam, we bring honor to these warriors, who when facing the worst, show us the best all of us can be.


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