"Our purpose is to share the fresh air that heals and restores; fresh air we found in our darkest moments; when even a prayer seemed more an enemy than a friend" 

- Frederick Morgenstern; Co Founder, Writer

Diana Williams – President

Diana Williams is Michael Bellotti’s mother, sister to Mary Carter and aunt to Adam Carter. Prior to Adam’s passing Diana began to see the artistic talent in her son Michael. After Adam lost his battle Diana asked Michael if he could paint a portrait of Adam to be given to Mary. At the time the painting was given, Diana said, “Being able to do this for Mary and her family was truly special and heartwarming.” Witnessing the grief that her sister went through with the loss of Adam, and the emotional response to the painting, Diana knew this was worth pursuing. Today, as president of The Adam Carter Foundation, Diana, along with her sister Mary continues to bless grieving families with this gift.

Mary Carter – Co Founder

Mary is Adam’s mother and co-founder of The Adam Carter Foundation. “When we received Adam’s portrait from our nephew, Michael, it brought us great comfort. I knew right then that having Michael paint portraits was something that I could do to help other parents through the healing process of losing a child.” I understand that grieving the loss of a child is a very personal and unique feeling for all families. It is our hope, through this ministry, that these paintings can be a bright spot in the long days ahead.

Michael Bellotti – Artist

Every single person on the planet, all 6.9 billion of us come with our own distinct story: a set of details that describe where we came from, where we’ve been and where we are going. It is in this way that we are all different, but this also makes us the same. We are unified by the differences. Michael Bellotti, co-founder of the Adam Carter Foundation is a self-taught artist, a colorist to be exact. The details in Michael’s life, just like the rest of us, come from his past, present and future, and his story hadn’t always been an easy one.

He had always been interested in art, and it wasn’t until 2004 that Michael first picked up a drawing pencil. From that moment on, he was consumed with a passion for art, and his talent swiftly propelled him towards his future. He quickly moved from pencil drawings to oil paintings in less than a year and the progress that he was making made his desire to create simply insatiable.

In 2006, with his talent in oil paintings firmly established, a family tragedy helped Michael to realize that his talent could perhaps serve an even deeper purpose than he’d ever imagined. His ongoing mission is to help heal people, even if in the smallest way, through the gift of art. With the help of his aunt, Mary Carter and his mother, Diana Williams, and close friend Frederick Morgenstern the Adam Carter Foundation was born.

Frederick Morgenstern – Co Founder, Writer

Along life’s path, there are stones, grit, and fresh air. These elements blend with opportunities, and within these opportunities, unknown gifts arrive. There is no one without gifts; the Creator is generous and good. Yet, there are those who ignore this truth. Among these gifts are surprises, natural skills, and concealed talents; and very often, the people who arrive along the way are the greatest gifts of all.

I have gifts; and many of these gifts brought success, joy, and ultimately, wisdom. Along the way, I benefited from great teachers and generous friends and family. Even so, many of my teachers were harsh and unkind. It was during one of these lessons; at the place where Michael and I met, that my writing skills came to notice. Who noticed? Michael.

The forging of a friendship in odd circumstances is not uncommon. But, during years of isolation, when freedom becomes a memory, and where acknowledgment is an afterthought or unknown, it was Michael’s hidden talents that brought refuge, and often within a flourish of amazement and “wows”; a much higher purpose was foreseen. Who encouraged this? I did, and I was not alone.

The formation of The Adam Carter Foundation is an action of broken hearts seeking the opportunity to mend other hearts; to use our gifts and our strengths to step over stones, and to find sufficient grit to rise when all the reasons are in front of us to fall.

Our purpose is to share the fresh air that heals and restores; fresh air we found in our darkest moments; when even a prayer seemed more an enemy than a friend. While in such places, each of us have boldly asked for a smile to come to us, and to deliver to us from our tears. Our prayers were answered by the urging to give these gifts away… The Adam Carter Foundation is not a project; you see, it is who the four of us are.