Our mission is to create a few moments when the loss of a child disappears, and in those moments, the memories of the child overshadow the sadness and the sorrow felt. We believe in those moments. Our painting and our words shift the haunting emptiness to a never-ending presence. We call this “Art for the Heart”.

About Our Work

In the moments when nothing makes sense, when uncertainly floods in, and when questions that are being asked cannot be answered, we understand.


Our work offers a departure from sadness, and a lasting gift as an uncommon tribute. We do not explain things; we just know what to do when there is nothing else to say.


We remember; and we create a way to never forget, and as a community, none of us would even try. The beneficiaries of our work are those directly affected, but far more so, are the once observing strangers, who when joined through our work, discover none of us were strangers after all.


Adam Carter Inspired Our Origin and Our Work

The Adam Carter Foundation was formed as an opportunity to recognize the warrior within all of us, and to honor warriors of another kind. When times are good, it is easy to be strong. But, when darkness falls after a scary diagnosis is given, and when the highest stakes are in the balance, fear and terror of the heart arrive. The opponent is the disease, and the warriors are everyone else; especially the patient. This happened to the Carter Family, and even after everything was attempted, their son Adam lost the battle. But, it is how he fought, and how everyone else did too, that inspired our origin and our work. We cannot return Adam to his family, but we can share with everyone who he was, and who he still is. Because of Adam, we bring honor to these warriors, who when facing the worst, show us the best all of us can be.





We would like to thank Tim and Marilyn at the great frame up for donating the frames for our portraits and for believing in what we do.

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We would like to thank Ryan at Blick Edina for making things happen so that we have the canvas we need for our portraits.

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