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His path was lined with many messages. The gifts of creation, wildflowers, scents, the sounds of nature’s songs.  His footsteps could have been any young boy’s…  some would say he was carefree, some would say he was happy.  So many pass by the hidden markers of time, their road continues further.  Everyone, and every living thing, has a marker they will not pass. This is God’s design; with our ending prior marked. 

Alex’s attention was on the unexpected, and yet so many saw his confidence, they admired him, and they loved him. His inner voice spoke of dreams, of family, of long life... yet his walk would not be so long after all. His struggles, his gains, his way of life brought uncertainty, even mystery, as to where his marker might be. But, all of us can be comforted that this did not matter to Alex. Why? Because, his voice was joined in chorus with God’s requests: “Alex… keep walking, running, smiling… show  all those you encounter that you are loved by Me… and love them unselfishly. When Alex’s marker came, he was not alone. And now, he is not alone, he is not gone, he is home.          

Our artist walks this path too, noticing the colors, the textures, the subtle flashes of light. When he paints, he lifts tubes filled with raw colors, he stirs spills from these into unique blends…  his brushes hiss as he tests the bristles... then, after thousands of canvas touches , our Alex arrives without surprise.  He is honored, remembered… present in his love for us, and us for him. 

This God’s design… paths with our markers, paved with His love... washed in His blood.       

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