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Brushed classes, by Michael Bellotti, are “no experience needed” private painting classes where the artist will instruct you step-by-step through re-creating the featured painting. These are strictly bring your own beverage private events.  At the end of the event you’ll leave with a work of art that you created. This is a perfect place to listen to good music, meet new people, and have fun painting. The sessions usually last 2-2.5 hours.

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The Palette Project is the best new painting class by Michael Bellotti!  Not unlike Michael's Brushed series, The Palette Project is another in the "no experience needed" sessions where guests get hands on to create something of their very own. In this special class where you make a unique piece of home decor, we provide all the materials for you to personalize something special just for YOU!

Build and paint your own wood sign and choose the artwork you'd like to create!

Classes take place in Michael's private art studio located in the NE Minneapolis arts district 

 Northrup King Building 

1500 Jackson St NE Studio #385

All of our classes are also mobile and will come to you!  Learn more about Private Parties below.


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