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Officer Scott Patrick


When light shines brightly, even dimly, we see things more clearly. Yet, darkness speaks a

message we cannot ignore. The gift of life offers a sudden adventure - without certainty of its

length or even the moment of our next breath. We live with the hope for long life, but we know

from our life’s first moment, until our last, there are no pauses, no retakes, and no guaranties.

Life’s journey attempts to manage the unknowns; weighing risks, imagining outcomes, and

taking everyday chances.


For a Law Enforcement Officer, the calculus for this is far more complex; and evil tilts the

measure of safety, but not courage. In a moment that was not foreseen, Scott Patrick’s life

ended. This loss cannot be made easier by explaining how it happened, or attempting to ease

this pain. Yes, those living are left to go on, but we have a job to do even as we grieve.


Our job is to remember there is powerful good and relentless evil. When we do this, the good

rises, and the evil cannot hide. Scott’s decision to be a Law Enforcement Officer was his career,

and his life is now forever entwined with the hearts and memories of his family, his friends, and

his fellow Officers. Our tears cannot fall unnoticed. These threads of love extend to Scott’s

community, his nation, and even in unknown hearts around the world - and he is honored and

remembered unselfishly. Our tears do not fall unnoticed.


When our artist is watched, he sees beyond the colors and the textures into the permanence of 

the man. He sees the depth beyond the canvas – he sees the remembrance beyond the loss.

Oils are timeless and even if the surface fades, the foundation cannot disappear – the oils can

be forever restored.


So is the character and legacy of Scott Patrick - solid, enduring, and triumphant - and forever so 



The Adam Carter Foundation – September 25th 2014 

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