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Tony today, more than a memory…


No path is assured, yet every path is chosen. The master traveler knows this, as does everyone who travels with the Master. There are those who disagree. Circumstances attempt to disguise the Lord’s work; hardships, breakdowns, disappointments, and losses that hurt so deeply, and quickly shake our faith and joy. After a path is traveled, and even as landmarks are so clearly seen, it is often difficult to recall the journey or to remember the places passed by. Yet, there are certain years that never fade. Without doubt, the 15 years Tony traveled with us, are as bright and as meaningful as when these moments occurred. Today, we remember how Tony loved, we recall the kind of warrior he was, and we find joy that in the darkness of his affliction, he brought light, humility, and honor just because. These are only flashes of a life well lived. It is not how he did this, but why.    


Our artist remembers his origins and calls upon this gift to share. The picture he sees is in motion, it has dimension, and it speaks insisting upon exact colors and textures. He mixes reds, whites, blues, and yellows and somehow with only brushes, more than a rainbow appears. He then adds light and delights in what takes form… he captures one moment in a life, and in the blink of an eye, even this becomes the past. It is not how this happens that amazes, it is because it does. And, in a parallel that at first seems odd, it is who Tony believed in that gave him eternal life; and this is also not about how this happens, but because it does.            

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