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Not Was But Is…

There are memories, and these memories arrive sometimes suddenly, sometimes welcome, and sometimes not so. We remember differently, and sharing these memories opens our hearts, bringing us to what is good and true. For these moments, we are there again, just as it was. Here, in the subtle light of charm, grace, and love, we see Henley, the Bravebee. She is this list of many wonders; bringing the rarest treasures and gifts never before seen; and even now, we have many tears, happy ones and sad ones too. 

In the place beyond our touch, we hear laughter, and little girl silliness, and the tenderness of gentle breath. This is Henley, the teacher, who shows how living works, and how passing too soon comes. Our artist sees at first nothing; a blank canvas, without form; only invitation.  Few realize the hesitation of the artist; the confounding, the doubts, the challenges. Even so, courage raises the brush, the colors dance, and the artist’s eyes are fixed on the unseen. Swirls and mixes bring tones and textures, and with the same mysteries of memories, Henley is there with the purposes found in living; the presence that is uniquely hers, uniquely given, and so unfortunately taken away. And yet, with each morning’s sun, and bathed in the vanishing light each evening brings, this was never about where Henley was, but where forever she is. 


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